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Thank you Manal.
This is very helpful. 

May be you consider inclusion of a small note to testing as you did to other mile stone dates.  

Mary Uduma

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Oops .. Now with the attachment ..
Kind Regards
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Subject: [Internal-cg] Flow Chart - Assembling a unified consensus
All ..
light of our discussions, Michael has developed the attached flow chart for the
foreseen process that is to be followed in assembling a unified consensus
proposal .. Seeking feedback from Jandyr and myself, we all thought it would be
more practical to seek ICG members' feedback and make sure the chart reflects a
common understanding, before using it in any outreach activities ..
if ICG members feel it's useful and agree to its content, I think it may be
helpful if we have it uploaded to the Dropbox, with Michael's permission .. 

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