[Internal-cg] FW: Consensus document - for discussion Sept 17

Lynn St.Amour Lynn at lstamour.org
Wed Sep 17 18:10:06 UTC 2014

Alissa, all,

I support the document as is.    Having said this of course, I do have a few comments below.

The second sentence says (rather abruptly): "ICANN Board Liaison and ICANN Staff Liaison Expert do not take part in ICG decision making."  Could we not instead say:  "Participation in the decision making process is reserved to the full members of the ICG and hence does not include ICANN Board Liaisons or ICANN Staff".

Section 2 - 3rd para: currently says: "It is important to emphasize that expressed disagreement is not, by itself, grounds for abusive behavior."  I believe it would it be more clear to say: "It is important to emphasize that expressed disagreement is not, by itself, indicative of abusive behavior.  At all times, ICG members should expect and hold oneself to respectful articulation of any points of disagreement.

Section 3 - 3rd para., 1st sentence:  for greater clarity delete "for decision making" at the end of that sentence.  I have also just seen Narelle and Manal's comments and am happy with those edits as well.

Finally, I would like to note my thanks to Kavouss and Manal for pulling the group of 11 together.  It was a very good meeting and we were all clearly working together to reach consensus :-) (sorry, couldn't help it).

Best regards,

On Sep 17, 2014, at 11:24 AM, Alissa Cooper <alissa at cooperw.in> wrote:

> As noted yesterday, this is the document we’re using on the call today, redlined and clean.
> Thanks to Manal for sending in edits via email as suggested — we can discuss them on the call and decide whether to incorporate them.
> Alissa
> On 9/16/14, 5:39 PM, "Alissa Cooper" <alissa at cooperw.in> wrote:
>> All,
>> Attached and in Dropbox are the versions we will use on the call on Sept 17:
>> ICG Guidelines for the Decision Making-v12-MU-ALC-JA-ALC.docx
>> ICG Guidelines for the Decision Making-v12-MU-ALC-JA-ALC-clean.docx
>> All of the changes since v12-MU-ALC are editorial (mostly typo fixes and white space deletions), except one: on page 1, I added the text suggested by Joe about public comment periods. The editorial fixes include the suggestions made by Joe, Wolf-Ulrich, Kavouss, and Milton (off-list).
>> If people spot further editorial issues prior to the call, please send them in email to the mailing list, rather than editing the document directly, and I will incorporate them prior to the call.
>> Thanks,
>> Alissa
>> On 9/16/14, 5:14 AM, "joseph alhadeff" <joseph.alhadeff at oracle.com> wrote:
>>> Alissa, Colleagues:
>>> The draft is acceptable as is - thanks for your work on editing...  I have proposed a few non-substantive edits to improve understanding - for example use of public comment forum may be read not to include written comments, propose replacing forum with consultation, etc.
>>> One possible addition might be a reaffirmation of our commitment to consultation which should be differentiated from our 7 day period for decisions...  Possible language which could be added to making decisions could be:
>>> ICG will make all reasonable efforts  to enable member stakeholder communities to have appropriate time to consult with their members on issues on which the ICG will make substantive decisions.  Where appropriate and practicable, public comment periods will also be provided .
>>> Joe
>>> On 9/16/2014 4:40 AM, Kavouss Arasteh wrote:
>>>> I am at another meeting
>>>> I have  read your edited text which seems to cover most or almost every points.
>>>> Please let me to ck it again and come back to you
>>>> Kavouss  
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