[Internal-cg] Summary of Sept 17 call decisions/action items

Alissa Cooper alissa at cooperw.in
Wed Sep 17 23:58:58 UTC 2014


1. Minutes of the August 19 and 26 conference calls were approved with one
suggested change from Heather.
2. Decision making document was approved with changes discussed on the call.
(final redline is attached)

Action items:

1. Samantha to incorporate into August 26 minutes the change suggested by
2. Alice to post finalized August 19 and 26 minutes to the web site.
3. Alissa to produce clean version of decision making document.
4. Alice to post final version of decision making document to the web site.
5. Alice to investigate extending the time for the ICG community session at
6. Alissa to respond to GAC/ALAC ICANN 51 scheduling requests to indicate
that individual communities may want to engage, but not on behalf of ICG.
7. Alissa to follow up with Mary regarding CCWG scheduling at ICANN 51.

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