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Mon Sep 22 21:16:18 UTC 2014

Are the formal dates and times for both ALAC and GAC meetings?
On 9/22/2014 5:01 PM, Alissa Cooper wrote:
> Dear all,
> I’d like to summarize where we are with respect to ICG side meetings with
> specific communities, at ICANN 51 and beyond.
> First, we have extended our open session with the community by 30 minutes,
> to 120 minutes. Patrik is working on the agenda for that session. The
> intent with the extra time is to provide more time for Q&A with the
> community, and perhaps to address specific questions that may have come up
> earlier in the ICANN 51 meeting week.
> Second, there is strong support for the development of an FAQ so that we
> can have a shared resource when answering questions that may arise in
> various sessions and venues. I have asked Manal and Martin to develop a
> first draft of the FAQ and my hope is that we can book time on our October
> 1 call to discuss and refine it. There is limited time between now and
> ICANN 51, so I think the goal here should not be perfection, but to have
> talking points that we find useful as a group. To that point, whether we
> formally “publish” the FAQ on our web site or just use the draft for our
> own purposes at the meeting can be decided at some future time — the goal
> for now should be to have an internal resource. Also, there has been some
> discussion about the inclusion of questions/answers concerning the process
> to be followed after we receive proposals. I will send a separate email
> about that.
> Third, we have received two explicit requests for side meetings at ICANN
> 51 — one from ALAC, and one from the GAC. As our discussion on this topic
> has evolved, I believe we have rough consensus to proceed with scheduling
> these meetings, provided that certain conditions are met (most of the
> discussion has focused on the GAC request, but I think some of the
> arguments that have been given from a variety of people posting to the
> list and on the call extend to ALAC and other groups as well). These
> conditions have been mentioned (to some extent I’m paraphrasing Patrik)
> and I think we should make use of them:
> (a) Side meetings are public, minuted, and, to the extent possible,
> translated. (These conditions will be met by the ALAC and GAC
> arrangements.)
> (b) We announce that we are accepting meeting invitations from interested
> parties (at ICANN 51 and beyond) and that we will respond if requests seem
> justified and resources permit.
> (c) For the round of meetings at ICANN 51 focused on how to participate in
> operational community processes, we ensure that at least one ICG member
> each from protocol parameters, numbers, gTLDs, and ccTLDs are available to
> join the meetings, and we welcome participation from as many other ICG
> members whose schedules can accommodate the meetings. In general, we
> assume for side meetings that having a small group of us represent the ICG
> is fine, while having a larger subset of us participate is preferred.
> My plan is to proceed with the tasks necessary to fulfill the conditions
> above — responding to ALAC and GAC about scheduling, getting an
> announcement posted, and figuring out who will be available to attend the
> meetings. There have also been some suggestions that we should try to get
> meetings scheduled with the CCWG and the ccNSO. If you are participating
> in those groups, believe that a meeting would be beneficial, and can help
> with scheduling, please make that known on the list and I will follow up
> with you.
> Thanks,
> Alissa
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