[Internal-cg] Provisional ICANN 51 schedule

Alissa Cooper alissa at cooperw.in
Thu Sep 25 17:56:32 UTC 2014

Here is the provisional schedule for ICANN 51:

Meeting with ALAC [1]
Tuesday, 14 October   15:45-16:45 PT
Room: Olympic



(Unconfirmed) Meeting with GAC [1]
Wednesday, 15 October	10:30-11:30 PT
Location TBC

Community Discussion with the ICG [2]
Thursday, 16 October ­ 10:00-12:00 PT
Room: Los Angeles

ICG Dinner
Thursday, 16 October ­ 20:15-22:00 PT
Location TBC

ICG Mtg #3 [3]
Friday, 17 October ­ 09:00-17:30 PT
Room: Westside

[1] I have reached out individually to ICG members off-list to ensure that
we have people at each of these meetings who can speak about the processes
being used to develop the names, numbers, and protocol parameters
proposals, respectively, and how to participate in those processes.
Participation from the rest of the ICG members is desirable but not
required if you have scheduling conflicts. I have also reached out to CWG
folks to see if a CWG-ICG meeting might be arranged and will share more
information when I have it.

[2] Patrik is working on the agenda for this session.

[3] Patrik, Mohamed, and I will share a draft agenda for this meeting
prior to the start of ICANN 51.


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