[Internal-cg] Invitation to the IETF meeting in Honolulu

Jari Arkko jari.arkko at piuha.net
Fri Sep 26 21:28:02 UTC 2014


As you know, our next meeting at the IETF is coming up, November 9-14 in
Honolulu. We will have many interesting topics on the agenda, including a
meeting of the IANAPLAN working group. Also, as you may know, for several
years we have had a program that brings people from policy and regulator
spaces to IETF meetings. This is an ISOC program and part of their
support for the IETF. The goal of the program is to connect engineering
and policy worlds better together. The program usually consists of
introductory sessions, discussion with experts on specific areas (for
instance, we talked about IANA at length with the previous group in
Toronto), and participation in the working group sessions.

We were initially not planning to do this in Honolulu, but we have now
decided to invite a small group. Given the ongoing discussion about
transition, we thought that some of you might be interested. The 
meeting runs for the full week, but in the policy guest group we always 
focus on the first part of the week (Sun-Wed). If you have not been to an 
IETF meeting before, have an ability to attend, and would be interested,
please contact Sally Wentworth <wentworth at isoc.org> for details. Limited
travel support may also be available.

Jari Arkko
IETF Chair

IETF meeting page:

ISOC policy program web page:
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