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Many thanks Elise ..

I'm not an expert so I'll leave this to you and Patrik ..
I would just like to note that the mentioned contract is already referenced through the hyperlink "the agreement between NTIA and ICANN" .. I take your point that it would be better to add the contract name "SA1301-12-RP-IANA" .. I think we can accommodate this in a new iteration that will be shared shortly .. I would also like to highlight that the language used in the answer is a copy and paste from the footnote on page 1 of the RFP which already references both documents:

"In this RFP, "IANA" refers to the functions currently specified in the agreement between NTIA and ICANN [http://www.ntia.doc.gov/page/iana-functions-purchase-order] as well as any other functions traditionally performed by the IANA functions operator. SAC-067 [https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/sac-067-en.pdf] provides one description of the many different meanings of the term "IANA" and may be useful reading in addition to the documents constituting the agreement itself."

Hope this addresses your point ..

Kind Regards

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> Question #4 quotes SAC -067 in answer to "What are the IANA functions? "  I do not dispute that SAC-067 is a well written and informative document.  I do think a better reference document would be NTIA's contract, SA1301-12-RP-IANA, which defines the IANA functions over which NTIA has stewardship. 

I disagree as what the IANA function does is not described by the contract, the contract describes (in a not very effective way) some of the things IANA does. I.e. there are things IANA function does that is not under the contract, and further, the contract is not very well written. Russ Mundy is better on explaining the difficult situation regarding the contract.

   Patrik Fältström

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