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True .. Sincere apologies .. My mistake ..

I misinterpreted the third question ..

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Are some of the questions more suite to ICANN accountability?  They are obviously relevant to us, but I'm no sure we lead on all these issues?

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Many thanks Mr. Arasteh for your feedback ..

I have to agree with Patrik that it would be extremely helpful if you can suggest concrete questions and answers ..


Furthermore, I believe the excellent points you raise below should be addressed through the proposals we are expecting to receive .. I do not think we should pre-empt what the community will ultimately reach and express views through this FAQ .. Your questions also tackle issues that are being handled through other processes, e.g. the ICANN accountability process ..


Hope the above provides a satisfactory explanation as to why we did not include questions along your below suggestions ..


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On 29 sep 2014, at 23:22, Kavouss Arasteh <kavouss.arasteh at gmail.com> wrote:


Nothing refernced about the VERISIGN  and its relatiion with the replacement of NTIA ?

Nothing  mentioned about who would be the global community?  would it be ICANN ?

Nothing mentioned  about to  whom ICANN would be accountable in future after NTIA? 

Nothing mentioned about  who will replace NTIA  in reality ? Is it ICANN

Nothing mentioned about the need or otherwise an oversight institution or entity


Kavouss, please be concrete and suggest question(s) and answers to be added to the FAQ.




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