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Hi Milton,

On 9/29/14, 7:00 AM, "Milton L Mueller" <mueller at syr.edu> wrote:

>I've made some inquiries about this. Apparently the problem is more one
>of perception. The CWG made the rather stupid mistake of calling
>participants on the email discussion list "observers" rather than
>This was an unfortunate choice of words, given that in the CWG consensus
>calls are supposed to be based on the email list participants' views.
>Only when there is no consensus things will go to the more restricted
>"working group" members for a vote.

Do you expect there to be further clarification from the CWG on this point?


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>> A complaint has been filed against the names community's working
>> group.
>> http://forum.icann.org/lists/icg-forum/msg00011.html
>> Alissa made some similar comments on the IETF ianaplan list. Although
>> I have publicly explained why they set it up that way, frankly I find
>> CWG Structure hard to defend. I wonder whether others more closely
>> involved with the IANA CWG chartering process could explain whether
>> it is possible to make some amendments. The group is slow enough to
>> form as it is, I tremble at the thought of amendments that would lead
>> to further delays, but it might actually save time if it prevents
>> challenges to its legitimacy further down the road.
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