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McAuley, David dmcauley at Verisign.com
Mon Jun 4 12:34:05 UTC 2018

Dear members of the IRP IOT,

As we touched on yesterday during the call, once we have some time while the 'interim' rules are sent to the Board and the timing rule is pending public comment we can start to turn our attention to the remaining IOT tasks.

I promised to set out those tasks as I see them and would, of course, ask for your help in identifying tasks in case I missed any.

Those tasks are:

   a.   CEP rules (we agreed to take on the work of the CCWG Accountability WS2 Subgroup on CEP when the subgroup disbanded). This is under Bylaw section 4.3 (note Section 4.3(i) says, among other things, "CEPs shall be conducted pursuant to the CEP Rules to be developed with community involvement, adopted by the Board, and as amended from time to time.").
   b.   Possibly recommend panel training - see section 4.3(j)(i).
   c.   Develop an IRP panelist recall procedure - see section 4.3(j)(iii).
   d.   Possibly develop specialized PTI service-complaints rules - see section 4.3(n)(ii).
   e.   Develop procedures if ICANN elects not to respond to an IRP (see section 4.3(n)(iv)(F) but note that section 4.3(g) may provide all the procedure we need in this respect).
   f.   Develop standards and rules governing appeals (see section 4.3(n)(iv)(G) and see also section 4.3(w)). For example, will we allow appeals where there was no response? Or appeals of non-binding IRPs? (see section 4.3(x)(iv)) Or appeals of interim relief under section 4.3(p))?  We may also want to talk about the potential for defaults/dismissals and the allowance, or not, for related appeals.
   g.   Will we develop additional independence requirements for IRP panelists - see section 4.3(q)((i)(B). This includes consideration of term limits and restrictions on post-term appointments to other ICANN positions - see 4.3(q)(i)(B) and see 4.3(j)(iii).
   h.   And, we might want to take an in-depth review of Annex D, section 4.2 (Community IRPs) so that we can help our respective SOs/ACs in the event of a community IRP.

   Best regards,


   David McAuley

   Sr International Policy & Business Development Manager

   Verisign Inc.


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