[IOT] Proposed Set of INTERIM Supplementary Procedures

Samantha Eisner Samantha.Eisner at icann.org
Tue May 8 22:30:27 UTC 2018

Dear members of the IOT,

As discussed on last week's call, attached please find a draft proposed set of Interim Supplementary Procedures for your consideration.  The purpose of this document is to see if we can quickly reach agreement on an interim set of supplementary procedures that could be put in place in the event that we have an IRP filed prior to the time that there is a completed set of Supplementary Procedures available.  Currently, the Supplementary Procedures that are in force are those that correspond to the old Bylaws, and we think that it's important to have a set in place that moves closer to the intent of the new Bylaws, while we understand there is still time needed to get to a final set.

This document is presented in redline from what was posted for public comment in October 2016, and we have provided annotations to where modifications to that document come from, or comments to explain why things have been included/may not be appropriate to include.  NOTHING that is included in this set of Interim Supplementary Procedures is intended to preclude a different procedure being included in the final version concluded through the IOT process.  You will see that the beginning of the document sets out some principles that guided the development of this interim set.

>From this, I would recommend that in parallel to seeing if we can move this interim set forward, that we get Sidley working on the intervention and joinder section for a final set of rules, as attention is needed to that section in order to have enough detail to make it ready.  In addition, I recommend that the IOT have some additional conversation about the bounds of the translation item that was discussed earlier in our process, as this appears to need more detail before it can be implemented.

Please let me know if you have any questions that might guide your review of this document.



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