[IOT] [CORRESPONDENCE] Cherine Chalaby to David McAuley - Interim Supplementary Rules for the IRP

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Cherine Chalaby


Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Names (ICANN)

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23rd October 2018

Re: Draft Interim Supplementary Rules for IRP

Dear Cherine,

As Chair of the IOT, I was surprised to read that such concerns have come to the board’s attention. I had not previously heard of that.

The IOT has discussed the ‘Time-for-Filing’ rule for a very long time and, while we have not yet reached agreement on a final rule, I believe the IOT did reach consensus on the interim rule. I recognize that one member, among others, has expressed concerns over the 12-month overall time for filing limitation in the rules. And I understand that it is this rule that is the source of the concerns you mentioned.

Recently, as referenced above, the IOT discussed the possibility to send to the board for adoption an “interim” set of rules that could be in place while the IOT continues work to finalize the rules. We discussed the further possibility that the ICANN 63 board meeting might be a time to achieve this. We viewed it as important to get a workable set of rules in place, even if on only an interim basis.

I note the IOT’s inclusion of language that specifically identifies the Time-for-Filing rule as not yet final and notes that transition language will be put in place to avoid prejudice to potential claimants if the final rule allows for additional time to file.

Members of the IOT were informed of the rules-drafts along the way and no objections were received by the appointed time.

In my opinion we have properly approved and forwarded the interim rules as received by the board in the past few days, and I encourage the Board to consider and approve them this week.

I add that the IOT will take up finalizing the supplementary rules as its next agenda item, and that work will not be prejudiced by the approval of the interim rules.


David McAuley

Chair, IRP-IOT

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [CORRESPONDENCE] Cherine Chalaby to David McAuley - Interim Supplementary Rules for the IRP

Dear David McAuley,

Please find the attached letter from Cherine Chalaby regarding Interim Supplementary Rules for the IRP. You may expect the letter to be posted shortly to the ICANN Correspondence page:  https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/correspondence.

Thank you,

Wendy Profit

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