[lgr] FYI - Recent RFC 8228: Designing LGR Supporting Variant Labels

Sarmad Hussain sarmad.hussain at icann.org
Wed Aug 30 18:34:38 UTC 2017

Dear All,

Please see a recent RFC 8228:

Guidance on Designing Label Generation Rulesets (LGRs) Supporting Variant Labels



   Rules for validating identifier labels and alternate representations

   of those labels (variants) are known as Label Generation Rulesets

   (LGRs); they are used for the implementation of identifier systems

   such as Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs).  This document

   describes ways to design LGRs to support variant labels.  In

   designing LGRs, it is important to ensure that the label generation

   rules are consistent and well behaved in the presence of variants.

   The design decisions can then be expressed using the XML

   representation of LGRs that is defined in RFC 7940.


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