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Some clarification on this reference to "  ICANN whois committee".

What do we know here?
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>  FYI - follow-up on the letter about Demand Media which I am copied into,
> therefore in confidence to this review  group, until published elsewhere.
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> Dear Mr. Stoller:
> I read your letter concerning Demand Media and it sound like a similar
> situation to DomainTools.com.  Further, it appears both entities utilize
> the same law firm in Seattle Newman DuWors.
> I was the defendant in a lawsuit filed by DomainTools of Newman DuWors.
> However, the suit was dismissed with prejudice but there is still a pending
> motion for sanctions against Domain Tools (Dkt.  48 of 2:12-cv-00498-MJP
> Domain Tools v. Consumer.net, Russ Smith).  For instance, there were 5
> different claims detected of who the actual parent company is.
> As you may know Domain Tools generally did not get permission to package
> and resell the historical whois data and the people involved with running
> the company are defendants in a number of different UDRP's and
> cybersquatting lawsuits.  Further, an employee of Domain Tools actually
> sits of the ICANN whois committee with members of INTA.    Some information
> is at :
> http://whoissecurity.com/historical-whois-data-look-who-sells-it/
> I am not sure how much of a connection is beyond using the same law firm
> but the federal court records indicate there may be a pattern in legal
> strategies of the various entities.  Certainly the people involved
> sometimes attend the same conferences together in addition to utilizing the
> same counsel.
> I also do not like Mr. Stahura because he never resolved the issue with
> the Domain Registry of America sending misleading domain renewal notices to
> customers of a domain registrar I owned at the time.  The data used for the
> mailing was taken from the whois databases without permission and I still
> get DROA notices for my domains to this day.
> Russ Smith
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