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Villager article by Clayton Patterson includes Paul Garrin's appeal to
the city.


/Below is a letter Paul sent to City Councilmember Rosie Mendez on April
9, 2012. Individual copies of the letter were also sent to Public
Advocate Bill de Blasio, Borough President Scott Stringer and other
elected officials./

/Dear Rosie,/
This is a matter of great urgency. The City of New York has engaged in a
contract with a Virginia-based company, Neustar, to apply to the
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to operate
the .NYC Internet Top-Level Domain (TLD).

There are a number of reasons why outsourcing the .NYC domain in this
way is not in the best interests of the City, nor of our community.

1. A New York City-based company already has rights to the .NYC domain.
The .NYC domain was originated in 1996 and is owned and operated by my
company, name.space, inc., which is based entirely in New York City.
name.space created this domain, not ICANN. Neither Neustar nor ICANN has
rights to this domain. This puts the City in direct conflict with our
existing business operations.

2. The City benefits more from name.space?s operation of the domain. The
financial benefits reported by the contractor in the media ($3 million
per year) are far below the potential revenues that .NYC can yield if
operated within our City and run truly in the interest of our City with
a more creative, civic-oriented business model like the one name.space
seeks to implement.

3. Exploitation of name.space?s creation by ICANN and Neustar hurts
name.space and the City. The potential revenues from .NYC are but a
fraction of the total revenues that name.space would earn operating its
established portfolio of hundreds of TLDs (potentially reaching $1
billion per year or more), which again would inure to the City?s benefit.

4. The City is inadvertently participating in this wrongful conduct. By
participating in a contract with Neustar, the City is in effect
endorsing the corrupt practices within the ICANN process which favors
incumbent industry players and inside members of the ICANN organization,
and discriminates against small businesses, startups, and community
organizations by its high application fees and complicated application

I ask you as a concerned citizen, member of your district, affected
small business and committed member of our community, to urge the City
Council to hold an emergency vote to withdraw the agreement that the
City has made with the Virginia-based contractor. Instead, the City
should recognize name.space?s existing rights and support our ability to
conduct business in the City of New York, while pursuing our mission to
serve our community to bridge the digital divide, provide affordable
broadband, and to bring digital literacy and skills to our citizens who
need it the most. name.space originated and created this domain. It is
just plain wrong to support these other companies as they step in and
take advantage of name.space?s innovation and hard work. Together, we
can put the City where it belongs in the digital economy ? at the core
of innovation, creativity, employment, and community benefit.
*Paul Garrin
/Founder, name.space http://namespace.us/*

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