[New gTLD RG] Objection period to new gTLDs extended to March 13 2013 - updated timeline of new gTLD RG activities

Dev Anand Teelucksingh admin at ttcsweb.org
Wed Dec 12 14:07:01 UTC 2012

Dear All,

In ICANN's new gTLD update dated December 11 2012

ICANN has formally announced that the objection period for the new
gTLDs has been extended to March 13 2013.

I've updated the one page summary of the At-Large objection process

and updated the At-Large new gTLD Applications Dashboard
(http://bit.ly/newgtld) with the timetable of the
At-Large new gTLD Review Group's (gTLD RG ;
https://community.icann.org/x/u7-bAQ) activities.

Key deadlines:

January 16 2013 - Deadline for comments to be submitted by At-Large on
new gTLDs on limited public interest or community grounds for
consideration by the gTLD RG for drafting a formal objection statement
for RALO’s and ALAC's consideration.

January 18 2013 - The gTLD RG reviews the comments on the new gTLD
Dashboard and
for each gTLD application with At-Large comments, the gTLD RG decides
whether or not to draft a
formal objection statement directed to that gTLD application on either
limited public interest grounds or
community grounds or both. The gTLD RG proceeds to draft the objection
statement, keeping the At-Large community informed via the gTLD

February 1 2013 - The gTLD RG publishes final objection statements to
gTLD applications in a
format ready to submit to the Dispute Resolution Service Provider
(DRSP). Each of the 5 Regional At-Large Organisations (RALOs) reviews
each objection statement and decides whether it supports the filing of
the objection statement by the ALAC.

March 1 2013 - Each RALO sends to the ALAC its advice on the objection
statements on whether the RALO supports the filing of an objection
statement by the ALAC or not.

March 2 2013 - Objection statements NOT supported by at least 3 RALOs
will not be considered by the ALAC.
For those objection statements that are supported by 3 or more RALOs,
the ALAC decides whether to file such objection statements to the

March 13 2013 - Objection period ends.

Thoughts, Comments welcomed ASAP as ICANN At-Large Staff will be
producing a PDF similar in style to the ICANN Fact Sheets

Kind Regards

Dev Anand Teelucksingh
gTLD RG chair

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