[New gTLD RG] Independent Objector's Comments on "controversial" new gTLD Applications

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I read the arguments re dot.sex.  Seems like a sensible fella is at the
switch here.

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On Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 3:41 PM, Dev Anand Teelucksingh
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> The Independent Objector has posted his first public comments on
> "controversial" new gTLD applications
> .adult .gay .hot .lgbt .persiangulf .porn .sex .sexy .vodka .wtf
> http://www.independent-objector-newgtlds.org/english-version/the-independent-objector-s-comments-on-controversial-applications/
> "In light of the public interest goal guiding his mission, the
> Independent Objector has started to review the submitted new gTLD
> applications in June 2012 and to make his independent assessment of
> whether or not an objection should be filed against a particular
> application on the grounds of limited public interest or community
> objections. During his review, the IO has noted that some of the new
> gTLD applications have given rise to numerous comments on the public
> comments webpage of ICANN. Thus, to ensure transparency and address
> public concerns on those controversial applications, opinions aims at
> informing the public of the reasons why the IO does not or could
> consider filing an objection.
> As a first step, the IO intends to post comments on applications
> which, after his careful review, appear not to be in contradiction
> with fundamental principles of international law nor with the
> legitimate interests of a clearly delineated community. Therefore, the
> IO does not intend to file an objection against those applications at
> the moment. However, it is important to note that those comments are
> still preliminary and do not prejudge of the IO’s final decision to
> file an objection against the application or not."
> http://www.independent-objector-newgtlds.org/english-version/the-independent-objector-s-comments-on-controversial-applications/adult-general-comment/
> http://www.independent-objector-newgtlds.org/english-version/the-independent-objector-s-comments-on-controversial-applications/gay-general-comment/
> http://www.independent-objector-newgtlds.org/english-version/the-independent-objector-s-comments-on-controversial-applications/hot-general-comment/
> http://www.independent-objector-newgtlds.org/english-version/the-independent-objector-s-comments-on-controversial-applications/lgbt-general-comment/
> http://www.independent-objector-newgtlds.org/english-version/the-independent-objector-s-comments-on-controversial-applications/persiangulf-general-comment/
> http://www.independent-objector-newgtlds.org/english-version/the-independent-objector-s-comments-on-controversial-applications/porn-general-comment/
> http://www.independent-objector-newgtlds.org/english-version/the-independent-objector-s-comments-on-controversial-applications/sex-general-comment/
> http://www.independent-objector-newgtlds.org/english-version/the-independent-objector-s-comments-on-controversial-applications/sexy-general-comment/
> http://www.independent-objector-newgtlds.org/english-version/the-independent-objector-s-comments-on-controversial-applications/vodka-general-comment/
> http://www.independent-objector-newgtlds.org/english-version/the-independent-objector-s-comments-on-controversial-applications/wtf-general-comment/
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