[New gTLD RG] [GTLD-WG] 29 additional GAC Early Warnings filed by the Iranian GAC Member after the Early Warning Deadline

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Thu Dec 27 23:07:07 UTC 2012

I only read a few of these new EWs, but found it 
interesting that they were not asking that the 
TLDs not be deployed, but that the registry put 
in place rules not allowing registrations in 
countries that found them objectionable.


At 27/12/2012 05:33 PM, Carlton Samuels wrote:
>Here are the reasons given for EW against dot.sex:
>·     "Agitation and irritation of the humanity and faith; and spread of
>hatred and hostility in the society.
>·  Encourage people to perform non-religious, Unethical and Non-rational
>actions in the society.
>·  Encourage people on doing unlawful actions according to Islam religion
>in the society.
>Getting away society from healthy environment for doing daily activities"
>Now I tell you!  Look at the last one......."getting away society..."
>Well knock me down and steal mah new teeth!  Ain't this a......
>- Carlton
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>On Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 3:53 PM, Dev Anand Teelucksingh
><admin at ttcsweb.org>wrote:
> > 29 additional GAC Early Warnings have been filed by the Iranian GAC member
> >
> > See
> > 
> https://gacweb.icann.org/display/gacweb/Early+Warnings+received+from+GAC+Member%28s%29+after+the+EW+Deadline
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