[New gTLD RG] Additional .AMAZON Issue

Garth Bruen gbruen at knujon.com
Mon May 20 17:50:15 UTC 2013

Dear New gTLD RG Chair and members,

I realize the horse has left the barn on this issue but feel the need to
bring this issue to everyone's attention as it is something which just
recently occurred. 

Amazon is releasing digital currency called an "Amazon Coin" which features
two iconic images on it: 1. A native Amazonian "Indian" and 2: The outline
of South America's east coast, see:
ency-buying-apps/story?id=19170199. By using these images Amazon(the
company) is clearly "marking its territory" beyond simply being an online

This leaves me wondering about the criteria used to reject the community
objection since many Amazonian peoples are "off the grid", see:
tribe-goes-missing-drug-gang-attack.html. Has ICANN done enough (or
anything) to reach these people? These are obviously cultures under threat
for various reasons, now a new gTLD operator literally wants to "print
money" with their name and imagery? 

I for one find this troubling. If Amazon chose some other icon for their
Coin, it probably would not be an issue.

Looking for thoughts on the issue.

Thanks, Garth


Garth Bruen
gbruen at knujon.com
Chair of ICANN At-Large North America (naralo.org)

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