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N the form of an unselfish intellectu

) Please, mother, I only made a libation. Mrs. Denham. You naughty, _wicked_ girl! Oh, this wicked, _wicked_ waste of time! Undine. (_whimpering_) But, mother, I only-- Mrs. Denham. Hold your tongue, miss. Don't attempt to make excuses. (_Steps back, looks at Undine._) And just _look_ at that pinafore, that was put on you clean this morning, and now it is all over dirt! You have been climbing trees again. Undine. (_whimpering_) I wasn't climbing trees. I only climbed _one_ tree. Denham. (_aside_) Well parried! Mrs. Denham. Oh, these mean prevarications! If I take my eye off you for a moment, you disobey me. But you _shall_ obey me--you shall obey! (_Shakes the child; she screams._) Denham. Dear! Dear! Mrs. Denham. How dare you scream at me like that? Undine. (_crying_) But you're hurting me. Mrs. Denham. Bear it then, bear it _decently_, without screaming like a beast. Have you done your sums? Undine. Not all. Mrs. Denham. (_looking at sums_) Only one done, and that not right. Oh, this _wicked_ waste of time! You are killing me and killing yourself. When you waste your time you are wasting your life. Why _will_ you waste your time? Undine. I don't know. Mrs. Denham. Then you must be taught to know. Denham. May I say a word? I am chiefly to blame. We were talking about the Greek gods. Mrs. Denham. Oh well, if _you_ encourage her in her laziness, I can do nothing. (_Crosses L as she speaks, then turns suddenly._) Get out of my sight, miss! It is time for you to go out now. Go away, and take off that pinafore. You are a disgrace to your father and to me. (_Gives her a final shake. Undine runs out screaming._) Oh dear! Oh dear! There! Listen to that precious daughter of yours, filling the house with her yells. (_She presses her hands over her ears._) Oh, that child will be the death of me! (_Throws herself down upon the couch._) She ought never to have been born. Her existence is a mistake and a curse. Denham. (_sighing_) Yes, we are all mistakes from the ideal standpoint. Mrs. Denham. It makes me mad to think that I--I--should have brought such an idiot into the world! Denham. Yes, you are an over-populated woman, dear. (_Rises up to her._) The modern woman
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