[RSSAC-Review2] RSSAC Self-Assessment

Angie Graves angie.graves at icann.org
Thu May 4 14:23:17 UTC 2017

Dear RSSAC Review Working Party members,

Attached is a proposed self-assessment scope for the upcoming RSSAC Organizational Review.

Understanding RSSAC's desire to perform a self-assessment, information to assist in accomplishing this is provided.

Understanding your purpose for this self-assessment, we encourage you to complete the self review by 31 July 2017 to assure completion before the independent examiner starts its work.

We believe this self-assessment will be very useful for the forthcoming review. We hope it will make the communication between the RSSAC Review Working Party and the independent examiner, once selected, more effective and collaborative.

We welcome you to advise us how/if we can assist in the facilitation of the self-assessment.

Angie Graves for MSSI

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