[Spec13-request] 'the wild west of typosquatters and cybersquatters'

Marcus Fauré faure at globvill.de
Tue Oct 20 11:14:27 UTC 2015

Scripps argues that if .food were to use a registry-registrar model, it 
would ultimately ruin the TLD. While there is fraud in many TLDs, it's 
difficult to accept that .com and others harmed users more than it 
helped them.

Moreover, there are ways to keep a namespace clean. One is to restrict 
access to qualified registrants like fTLD has done for .bank. Another is 
to have a charter that regulates the use of the names, e.g. the 
linguistic and cultural TLD .cat requires registrants to have a website 
in Catalan

Marcus Fauré
Global Village
ICANN accredited registrar

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