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As discussed:

Here is the link to the Review Team’s Terms of Reference, adopted in May 2017: https://community.icann.org/display/SSR/Terms+of+Reference?preview=/64076120/64948210/SSR2-TermsofReference-CLEAN%20v4.0%20ET.docx

Operations of the review team, including decision making and roles and responsibilities of team members/leadership is on pages 5-7. Pasted below.

Operation of the Review Team
Decision Making

Section 4.6. of ICANN’s Bylaws states:
SPECIFIC REVIEWS (iii) – “Review team decision-making practices shall be specified in the Operating Standards, with the expectation that review teams shall try to operate on a consensus basis. In the event a consensus cannot be found among the members of a review team, a majority vote of the members may be taken.”

In accordance with this article of the Bylaws the SSR2-RT has agreed, by consensus, that it will strive to make its decisions on a consensus basis. This means that all Team members agree on a position, or only a small minority of Team members disagree, but most agree. To the extent that the SSR2-RT is unable to achieve consensus with respect to any recommendations, its reports and recommendations will include minority views.[1]

Decisions of the SSR2-RT will be made at meetings, either face-to- face or via teleconference (teleconference or Adobe), and via the SSR2-RT’s email list, as requested by the Co-Chairs.


At its meeting on March 22 2017 the SSR2-RT selected by consensus Denise Michel, Emily Taylor and Eric Osterweil as Co-Chairs.

Responsibilities of the Co-Chairs include:

  *   Remain neutral when serving as Co-Chair
  *   Identify when speaking as an advocate
  *   Maintain standards and focus on the aims of the Review Team as established in its Terms of Reference
  *   Drive toward delivery of key milestones according to the Work Plan
  *   Ensure effective communication between members and with broader community, board and staff
  *   Set the agenda and run the meetings
  *   Ensure that all meeting attendees get accurate, timely and clear information
  *   Determine and identify the level of consensus within the team
  *   Provide clarity on team decisions
  *   Ensure decisions are acted upon
  *   Build and develop teamwork
  *   Facilitate RT reporting to the community to maintain accountability and transparency

Responsibilities of SSR2-RT members include:

  *   Attend all calls and face to face meetings where feasible
  *   Actively engage on email list, including providing feedback when requested to do so through that medium
  *   Actively engage with relevant stakeholder groups within the ICANN community, and within each team member’s local constituencies
  *   Provide input and comments based on core expertise and experience
  *   Undertake desk research as required and in accordance with scope of work
  *   Be prepared to listen to others and make compromises in order to achieve consensus recommendations
  *   Participate in drafting and sub-groups as required.

Jennifer Bryce
Senior Reviews Coordinator
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Email: jennifer.bryce at icann.org
Skype: jennifer.bryce.icann


[1] The nature and use of consensus and minority views are informed by the “GNSO Working Group Guidelines<https://gnso.icann.org/en/improvements/gnso-working-group-guidelines-final-10dec10-en.pdf>”
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