[Ssr2-review] SSR2 Plenary calls remain at 14:00 UTC with Standard Time change

MSSI Secretariat mssi-secretariat at icann.org
Wed Oct 24 18:20:28 UTC 2018

Hello SSR2 Review Team!

This note is to advise everyone that during the Face to Face meeting today, a conversation took place regarding the upcoming time change back to Standard Time.  The members in attendance agreed to keep the plenary calls at 14:00 UTC.  Depending on your location in the world, this might mean Thursday plenary calls will be one hour earlier for those who recognize Standard Daylight Time.

Please advise of any objections to continuing the plenary calls at 14:00 UTC by EOB on Friday, 26 October.

Also, everyone should have calendar invites for the next plenary on Thursday, 1 November 14:00 UTC.

Thank you!

With kind regards,
Brenda Brewer, Projects & Operations Assistant
Multistakeholder Strategy & Strategic Initiatives (MSSI)
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
Skype:  brenda.brewer.icann

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