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Jennifer Bryce jennifer.bryce at icann.org
Tue Apr 23 10:26:59 UTC 2019

Dear Boban,

Thanks for this - we have asked the follow-up question and will provide the answer once available.


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    Dear Jennifer,
    On 12.04.19 19:09, Jennifer Bryce wrote:
    > Q: Does ICANN have documented boundaries and processes that have inter-org dependencies? Are they relate back to BC plans?
    > a.                   Clarification requested from Boban, Alain, Zarko: What is meant by “inter-org” dependencies?  Which orgs?  What is meant by “boundaries.”
    This refers to the interaction and trust boundaries within the two
    organizations ICANN and PTI.
    > b.                   ICANN org has asked for clarification as to the meaning of this question, and is awaiting a response.  That said, based on current understanding, ICANN org thinks the answer is no, not beyond the shared services agreement between ICANN and PTI.
    re: ICANN SSR workstream / DNS SSR Workstream
    Q from ICANN SSR workstream: Does ICANN have a documented business
    continuity operational planning and control process that enables it to
    determine, plan, implement and control those actions needed to fulfil
    its business continuity policy and objectives?
    A: These documents are confidential and not published publicly for
    security reasons.  There is an established Disaster Recovery plan for
    systems, a Continuity Plan for the IANA Functions, and a broader
    Continuity Plan under development for the wider ICANN organization to be
    delivered in 2019.
    Just for clarification in re to DNS SSR Workstream: Does the DR Plan
    also include Root Zone Management?
    Thanks and Happy Easter
    	- Boban

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