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The leadership team has reviewed the two CVs that you provided.  Candidate A has a part-time job and experience with big reports.  Candidate B seems to do a lot of contracting, and they have experience with ICANN, ISOC, and ARIN.  These are not big differences, but we think that the experience with the ICANN community will be very helpful.  Please move forward with Candidate B.


> On Apr 26, 2019, at 11:41 AM, Negar Farzinnia <negar.farzinnia at icann.org> wrote:
> Dear members of the SSR2 Review Team,
> As you may be aware, ICANN org has been working diligently, on your behalf, to engage a Technical Writer for the SSR2 Review based on the criteria the SSR2 Review Team identified as required for this role. ICANN org’s due diligence efforts followed ICANN’s standard practice used for other similar assignments. Due diligence included evaluations by our Talent Acquisition and Communications teams. There were 12 candidates submitted for the Temporary Technical Writer assignment. The candidates included individuals referred by the SSR2 Review Team and those sourced by ICANN’s Talent Acquisition team.   All candidates were carefully considered based on the job description criteria (see attached). Short-listed candidates were each interviewed by MSSI, Talent Acquisition, and Communications teams to gain a thorough understanding of their experiences vs. the job requirements. We have identified two suitable candidates that could both, potentially, fulfill this role.
> Please review their resumes (attached) and highlights of their credentials below:
> Candidate (A):
> Over 18  years deep experience in technical writing for both private & public sectors
> Master’s Degree
> Experience writing for technical & non-technical audiences
> Has written contents of various lengths, long reports with footnotes, etc.
> Experience traveling internationally, and has held various contract roles for other technical companies.
>  Candidate (B):
> Over 18  years of experience in consulting and facilitation
> Bachelor’s Degree, relevant technical certifications & membership
> Has written strategy articles, including standards and policies
> Experience traveling internationally, and has held various contract roles for other technical companies.
> Some ICANN experience but not significant enough to outweigh the other candidate’s technical writing skills
> Both are considered very strong candidate but candidate “A” is recommended due to their superior technical writing skills and experience.
> Please review this information and provide your selection by 23:59 UTC on Tuesday, 30 April 2019. Both candidates are available to start right away, prepared to travel to Brussels in May and Marrakech in June, and contracting will be completed within a few days after the SSR2 provides their selection.
> Kind regards,
> Negar
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