[Ssr2-review] Message from the ICANN Board

Kaveh Ranjbar kaveh.ranjbar at board.icann.org
Thu Feb 28 11:30:21 UTC 2019

Dear SSR2 Review Team,
Thank you for your submission of the SSR2 Review Team work plan to the ICANN Board on 14 November 2018.
We understand that the work plan is an evolving document which is being updated as your work advances. To that end, thank you for your 13 February 2019 email informing us of your continued progress and the outcomes of your most recent face-to-face meeting in Los Angeles. We are encouraged to see that the Review Team continues to work productively towards completion of key milestones.
We propose that an informal discussion between the Review Team and the SSR2 Caucus Group of the ICANN Board be scheduled during ICANN64. The goals would be to have an open dialogue about the Review Team’s progress and planning efforts to date, determine any additional support the team may need, and highlight areas of the work plan and Terms of Reference that are of particular interest to the ICANN Board.
Many thanks for your continued dedication and hard work towards successful completion of the SSR2 Review.
All the best,
Kaveh, on behalf of the ICANN Board.

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