[technology taskforce] Real Time Captioning-Pilot Study has been funded

Gunela Astbrink g.astbrink at gsa.com.au
Fri May 1 00:15:22 UTC 2015

Congratulations, Judith!

This is great news indeed! I'm also pleased to note that ICANN 
recognises that this is a core issue beyond At-Large.

I'll be happy to work with you on the pilot.


Judith Hellerstein wrote on 1/05/15 05:08 :
> Dear Technology Task Force Working Group Members,
> I wanted to report the great news that the Special Budget Request that I
> put in has been approved and funded by the ICANN Board. This is really
> great news!! While they did not give us everything we asked for. We had
> requested a one year pilot with a review after 6 months. Instead the
> board approved a 6 month pilot with a review after 3 months to determine
> viability. The goal will be at least three calls/meetings per month to
> determine viability.
> The Pilot will begin October 2015. Also good news is that ICANN has
> recognized that this is not just an ALAC need but a core need for all.
> It is great that ICANN has recognized the value of captioning technology
> during meeting support efforts. I will be working with Heidi Ulrich and
> other staff to figure out how to structure the pilot. Those who are
> interested in working on creating the pilot, please feel free to email me.
> When I have more information I will send another email out but just
> wanted to let everyone know this great news.
> Best,
> Judith

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