[technology taskforce] Microsoft Translator now translates in real time a conversation in multiple languages

Ali AlMeshal dralialmeshal at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 10:22:05 UTC 2016

I tried it for basic translation it is great, I will keep testing it.

On 14 Dec 2016 4:25 p.m., "Raitme Citterio" <rcitterio at gmail.com> wrote:


A new feature is added to Microsoft Translator that enhances its
functionality and promises to solve language barriers in different

Now with this update it will be possible to have a live conversation in a
group where you speak different languages, using our mobile device, tablet
or pc.

For example, a delegation of different nationalities can communicate with
one another when using Microsoft Translator, seeing the translations in
real time of everything that is discussed in the group.

For example, a tour guide can speak to the entire delegation in their
language and the app will translate their comments into the language that
has configured each of the people who make up the group.

The dynamic that proposes this new feature of Microsoft Translator is very
simple. Just go to "Start conversation", either from the mobile app or the
web version and log in.

We just have to mention our name and language and will automatically give
us a 5 letter code, so we can share them with the users who will join the
conversation, can write or scan it.

It has some extra options, for the host, as an example, Mode Moderator. If
we activate it, we will be silencing the rest of the participants in the
conversation, and we can speak in an uninterrupted way. A useful option for
a tour guide or if we are giving an exhibition.

We also have options like show partial messages, save transcription, block
the conversation, among others. To test Microsoft Translator we can go to
the web version, or the app that corresponds to the platform of our device.

Video: https://youtu.be/dv39UZSfsKw

Apps: https://translator.microsoft.com/apps/

My suggestion regarding this tool

Whether it can be implemented in adobe connect sessions or during live
ICANNN sessions might be interesting. In addition to integrating it into
the ICANN wiki.

Raitme Citterio

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