[technology taskforce] ICANN blog: Fire on Cargo Ship Affects IT Equipment Bound for ICANN57 Hyderabad

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Greetings all,

Please note the CDN impacts will be minimal to remote participation.  We primarily leverage CDN for maintenance items such as OS and software updates.  


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"However, two services will not be available as a result of the fire:

Interactive Remote hubs. Remote video hub operations have provided
live broadcasting of participants from preapproved locations into
select Main Hall sessions. Due to the complicated matrix-style setup
and equipment needed to provide this service in multiple languages,
ICANN cannot provide this service in time for ICANN57.  Remote
participation in sessions is not affected.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) service. Provided by Akamai, CDN
servers host content from thousands of companies on a local server,
which significantly improves response time of downloads and updates
for participants. Without the CDN service, you will still have
Internet access, but might notice slower response times for select
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