[technology taskforce] Livestreamed an Adobe Connect session to YouTube

Jason Hynds jason.hynds at partsinc.biz
Mon Oct 9 21:45:27 UTC 2017

Absolutely excellent! Thank you! Great work on the mailing list 
Translation stuff also!

Just to add to the workflow expectation of the "ICANN staff person", I 

  * After "stops the stream when the meeting ends".
  * Adds hyperlinks to meeting's wiki page for Agenda, Documents & Chat

We should assume that the YouTube video post is _not only_ for an ICANN 
participation expert who knows where to find everything.


Jason Hynds

On 10/9/2017 5:09 PM, Dev Anand Teelucksingh wrote:
> Dear All,
> In coming up with the issue of making Adobe Connect sessions more accessible
> (https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+Technology+Issues)
> , I've livestreamed the NARALO call on Monday October 9 2017 at 1900
> UTC by entering the Adobe Connect room and then recording and
> streaming my desktop using OBS Studio https://obsproject.com/
> You can watch the NARALO Monday October 9 2017 at 1900 UTC call on YouTube at
> https://youtu.be/8tV5yALgI8A
> Its been pointed out that I need to mute system sounds as the
> recording captured the Skype notifications happening offscreen but it
> did seem to work out ok.
> So the approach for getting Adobe Connect recordings on YouTube could be
> - ICANN staff person enters the AC room of the meeting,
> - stream their desktop showing the AC room to YouTube at start of meeting
> - stops the stream when the meeting ends.
> instead of
> - after meeting, ICANN staff person logs into Adobe Connect
> - playbacks the meeting again to download the FLV file to their
> computer (so a 1 hour call will require 1 hour to "download" the FLV
> file)
> - uploads the FLV file to YouTube
> Dev Anand
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