timezone proposals for P1003

Robert Elz seismo!munnari!kre
Mon Dec 8 07:04:59 UTC 1986

Groan, yes I'd forgotten the v6 timezone - though it was
an int, not a long, which caused all kinds or problems for
Australians with 16 bit processors (I ran v6 on a 32 bit
machine, so it disn't bother me).  The problem was that
you can't put -36000 in a 16 bit int...

I believe that date(1) did print a zone name, but that it
was compiled in.

v7 made a bunch more incompatibilities than this one, the
change in the meaning of the external "timezone" wasn't
such a serious one.

I have no doubt that getting bsd to drop the timezone function
won't be a problem, once some respectable (agreed) way to
replace it is found.


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