timezone proposals for P1003

seismo!zotz.cs.utexas.edu!jsq seismo!zotz.cs.utexas.edu!jsq
Tue Dec 9 17:33:44 UTC 1986

The current state of timezones in P1003 is that
there is a proposal, P.55, which is one step past
the prevrious form, RFC.001.  You've seen the text
for oboth on mod.std.unix.

I haven't yet attempted to get P.55 adopted as part
of the actual document.  This is because a) I'm stilll
waiting for HP to produce their long-awaited
alternative proposal and b) I'm stuck in L.A.
and won't be at the meeting this week.

Simplicity has been stresssed in discussing timezones
in P1003 meetins.  Members have seen
your (and others') previous omments.
I expect to get the committee to consider
actually adopting P.55 at the next
meeting in March.

There has been no noticable objection from the AT&T reps
or anyone, really, thus far, except
that HP want their proposal instead
(though no one has seen it yet).

I would strongly recommend that any needed changes
to P.55 be gotten to me before March
and any points I don't know about tha should be raised
in discussion be relayed.

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