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Fri Feb 6 02:35:57 UTC 1987

  I have been in contact with the state representative here in
Colorado who will soon be introducing a resolution in a committee
to change the time zone for Colorado.

  This is of interest to all the folks in this TZ discussion group
because of the ramifications that may result from this effort.
You can skip the background info.


1. Denver Colorado (and increasingly other metro areas along what
   is called the Front Range) suffer from the growing pollution concerns
   caused by more and more people and their cars.  The air quality grows
   particularly bad during "inversion layers" occurring in winter.
   Denver's problem come from very high levels of carbon monoxide.
   Pilots call Stapleton (5th largest airport in world) "hot and high"
   because of the thin air at the city's altitude.  There is not much
   oxygen in a given volume as there is at sea-level.  Mexico City has the
   same kind (though MUCH worse) problem.  Automobile exhaust heavily
   taxes the capacity of the local atmospheric conditions.

2. Given the fixed problem of lots of people already living there,
   how is it possible to reduce CO levels?  Voluntary no-drive days
   have been tried with minimal effect.  No-fireplace laws are being
   passed that forbid burning on high-pollution days.  Vechicle
   emission tests are required annually.

3. Automobile exhaust has been estimated to be 75% of the CO source.

4. Moving the night-time rush hour earlier in the day so that the
   warm air (temperatures drop rapidly at dusk) can more readily handle
   that CO hit would help reduce the average CO level by 10% and would
   really reduce the peak CO level.

Time zone implications::

There are two ways that Colorado could move that evening rush hour:

1. Move to a different time zone.
2. Have year 'round daylight saving time.

  Way # 1 makes a lot more sense.  BUT, to do so requires the approval
of the US Dept of Transportation who will only seriously consider a
TZ move if it is for "the convenience of commerce".

  So, any proposal that attempts to deal with TZs and DST may get hit
with way # 2.  Plan your design accordingly.

  I'll send more information when this issue is before the committee.

Bob Devine

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