(1) minutes east/west and (2) aust time

Robert Elz seismo!munnari!kre
Sat Feb 21 15:44:49 UTC 1987

    Date:        Fri, 20 Feb 87 14:21:42 PST
    From:        Snoopy <caip!lll-lcc!cae780!doghouse.GWD.TEK.COM!snoopy>
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    The math is a bit less confusing if you use minuteseast.
I don't follow that at all,  It seems to me to be entirely
a tossup, there's no inherent advantage either way.  There
is probably historical reasons why Ken/Dennis chose one way,
and ISO the other, but it still has to be one of those choices.

(Sure, you add inutes east to convert GMT to local, but you
add minutes west to convert local to gmt...)

    Also, does anyone know the correct timezone names for Australia?
    The following is from 4.3 timezone.c:
Its correct.  (Of course, I'm biased, I put it there...)

    It seems a bit odd to be that there is no indication of daylight time
    (e.g. EDT, CDT)
The Australian timezone names are "Eastern Standard Time" and
"Eastern Summer Time" (etc).  It happens that they both
abbreviate to EST (which I doubt is a coincidence).  99%
of the population don't care whether its summer time or not,
9am is when they have to arrive at work (that is 0900 EST,
summer & winter...).

    I find it hard to believe that the
    Australians refer to their timezone as "GMT+8:00".
Of course we don't.  But there's no DST in Western Australia
so the issue doesn't arise.  Its always standard time (WST).


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