Mark Horton seismo!cbpavo.MIS.OH.ATT.COM!mark
Fri May 1 01:34:04 UTC 1987

> 	Ignoring the coding and grammar errors in the Rationale,
> 	the big problem here is that code like the Rationale's
> 		when = *localtime(now);
> 		when.tm_hour += 1;
> 		deadline = mktime(when);
> 		printf("Loop will finish: %s\n", asctime(when));
> 		while (difftime(time(0), deadline) > 0) whatever();
> 	is *not* "a paradigm for continuing some loop for an hour."
> 	The code may continue for two hours (or not at all)
> 	if it is executed just before a daylight saving time transition.

How?  deadline is a time_t (GMT) and so is time(0).


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