Interested in time.

Guy Harris cvl!mimsy!uunet!Sun.COM!guy
Tue Apr 26 01:50:18 UTC 1988

	I recently looked at your excellent time package.  However, it 
	appeared to me that if someone in a foreign country got a copy
	of a machine with this code, that they would have a hard problem 
	figuring out what TZ to use, as they are not enumerated in ctime.3
	(at least in my copy), nor did there appear to be  any tools to
	build such a file from the /etc/zoneinfo directory.

	My question is thus:  have you developed a program that walks
	the directories, and builds a table of the available entries?

The way we intend to solve this for SunOS 4.0 is to give a listing of the
various TZ values, and the areas to which particular values apply, in the
"installing SunOS" documentation.

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