Time conversion and second public... [forwarded from rgt at hpfcrg]

Arthur David Olson ado
Thu Jun 2 14:51:51 UTC 1988

> *	The range of seconds has been changed from "[0-59]" to "[0-60]"
> 	throughout, to allow for leap seconds.  Whether this is a good
> 	thing or not depends on what you think POSIX wants.

When the first leap seconds were added, which I believe were in 1973,
there were two inserted at the same time.  Thus a single legal value has
had the seconds denoted as "61".  From memory, these two leap seconds

	1973 June 30 23:59:60
	1973 June 30 23:59:61

All other leap seconds, as I recall, have been added singly so other
than the single second noted above "[0-60]" would be sufficient.
However if we are to do a complete job, let's handle this "61" too.

Ron Tolley

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