functions to convert ASCII time

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Tue Jun 23 14:57:44 UTC 1992


I've been reading this discussion with interest, because I had to create
a function some time ago to convert mail header date/time strings to time_t
values.  While my function represents another possible entry in your list,
I don't think it answers all the criteria that this discussion has
established.  For example, it returns a time_t, not a struct tm, and it
doesn't return a character pointer to the end ot its scan (although it

The major contribution of this function might be the list of time zone
abbreviations that it understands.  Paul Eggert has helped me assemble
(and purify) it.  :-)

I will be glad to contribute my atotm() function to the list of prior art,
for whatever value it might have.

Vic Abell

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