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> Date: Mon, 22 Jun 92 22:42:18 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Bradley White <bww+ at CS.CMU.EDU>

> * Prior Art

> Perhaps a reasonable candidate already exists, or can be grown from
> existing code.  These routines (in alphabetical order) have been
> mentioned:

> 	  func		    who			where
> 	-----------------------------------------------------
> 	dparsetime()	RAND/UCI		MH
> 	getabsdate()	Moraes			C News
> 	getdate()	USL			Sys V Rel 4
> 	getdate()	Bellovin/Salz/Berets	B News
> 	parsedate()	Hamey/Accetta		Mach
> 	partime()	Harrenstien/Eggert	RCS
> 	strptime()	Harris			SunOS 4.1[.x]

Where are these various routines available?

Are there any routines available that take a "format" parameter so that they  
can scan dates that are in ambiguous formats.

I would like to be able to scan dates in any of the following formats:

M-D-Y T		D-M-Y T		Y-M-D T
M/D/Y T		D/M/Y T		Y/M/D T
M D Y T		D M Y T		Y M D T
M.D.Y T		D.M.Y T		Y.M.D T

	M is the month expressed as 3, Mar, MAR, or March
	Y is the year expressed as 92 or 1992
	T is optional and is the time (12- or 24-hour format)



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