Local time hiccup in Brazil

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> Clock watchers take note...
> [ Article crossposted from msen.reuters.international ]
> [ Posted on 1 Feb 1993 13:50:34 -0500 ]
>     RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, Reuter - Residents of Rio de Janeiro
> woke up Monday wondering what time it is.
>     The confusing clock situation arose when Rio Mayor Cesar
> Maia defied a Brazilian government regulation to end summer's
> daylight savings time Sunday and turn the clocks back an hour.
>     But Maia, saying Rio's tourism industry needs the extra hour
> of daylight that daylight savings time provides, said the city
> government and everyone and everything associated with it would
> stick with the summertime time schedule until Feb. 28.
>     ``I am not going to turn my clock back, nor will the clocks
> controlled by the city be turned back,'' Maia was quoted as
> saying in the Jornal do Brasil newspaper Sunday.
>     Rio's banks, most businesses, airports, bus stations and the
> stock market are abiding by the federal government's time.
>     Maia said Rio de Janeiro's tourism industry would be hurt by
> moving the clocks back in the middle of the Southern
> Hemisphere's summer.
>     ``The mayor said the jobs of 30,000 people depend on this
> extra hour of sunlight, when residents and tourists stay on the
> streets and beaches spending money and having fun,'' the
> spokesman said.
>     Maia's decree, which does not apply to the city's suburbs,
> has left most residents wondering whether they should begin
> wearing two watches.
>     A spokeswoman for the business owners association said Rio
> stores and shopping centers were using standard time on Monday,
> but it was still not clear what they would do on Tuesday.
>     ``The official schedule in Rio is the national standard
> time. The decree does not impose the summer schedule, but rather
> suggests that businesses, services and industry operate on
> summer's time,'' said the mayor's spokesman, adding that Rio's
> public clocks will be reset to national standard time.
>     Maia was to meet President Itamar Franco later Monday to
> discuss the time situation, among other things.
>     At least for the meeting, the mayor will have to think
> standard time. The meeting is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. federal
> government time, the spokesman said.
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