End of Rio hiccup

Arthur David Olson ado
Tue Feb 2 18:21:26 UTC 1993

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Since the article does not report just when the mayor turned the watch back,
I'll forego making a Hawaii-style change to the southamerica file.


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> : Clock watchers take note...
> Ah, the time crisis in Brazil has passed (this also from REUTER).
>  (Eds: updates)
>     RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, Reuter - The mayor of Rio has
> reluctantly agreed to set the city's clocks back one hour,
> ending his defiance of a federal regulation to end summer
> daylight saving time.
>     Mayor Cesar Maia turned his own watch back one hour Monday
> after meeting Brazilian President Itamar Franco.
>     ``Now the Rio mayor and the president's watches are set for
> the same time,'' Maia said.
>     He had ordered city workers to continue on the summer
> schedule until Feb. 28, saying Rio's tourist industry needed the
> extra hour of daylight.
>     But Rio banks, businesses, airports, bus stations, stock
> market and major companies operated by the federal government's
> time -- three hours behind Greenwich Mean Time-- causing great
> confusion.
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