"32 time zones"

Vic Abell abe at vic.cc.purdue.edu
Tue Jun 8 18:12:09 UTC 1993

In message <9306081338.AA10015 at bossie.nci.nih.gov> you write:
>	Our society has created a fictional time system of 32 time zones
>	(24 one-hour offsets and several more half-hour and three-quarter
>	hour offsets).
>		--Tognazzini, Bruce (tog at eng.sun.com):  "Tog on Interface:
>		  The Myth of Precision", Sun World, volume 6, number 7
>		  (June, 1993), page 100.
>A grep in /usr/lib/zoneinfo/* on a SunOS 4.1.1 system failed to show up eight
>oddball time zones (see attached).  Does anyone know of the origin for the
>"32" time zones?
>				--ado

Among my accumulation of time zone abbreviations I find:

	 GMT +

ACDT     10:30  Australian Central Daylight
ACST      9:30  Australian Central Standard
CADT     10:30  Central Australian Daylight
CAST      9:30  Central Australian Standard
CST       9:30  North/South Australian Central Standard
HDT      -9:30  Hawaiian Daylight (until 1947)
HST     -10:00  Hawaiian Standard (-10:30 until 1947)
IDT       4:30  Iran Daylight
IST       3:30  Iran Standard
IST       5:30  Indian Standard
IT        3:30  Iran
JT        7:30  Java
MT        8:30  Moluccas (obsolete)
NDT      -2:30  Newfoundland Daylight
NFT      -3:30  Newfoundland
NST       8:30  North Sumatran (obsolete)
NST      -3:30  Newfoundland Standard
SADT     10:30  South Australian Daylight
SAST      9:30  South Australian Standard

I think there are at least 8 separate half-hour zones there, if that's
what you mean by oddball time zones.  I don't know about any zones with
three-quarter hour offsets, but would like to know what they are.

Vic Abell

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