"32 time zones"

Vic Abell abe at vic.cc.purdue.edu
Tue Jun 8 19:52:04 UTC 1993

In message <9306081938.AA22755 at bi.twinsun.com> you write:
>abe listed a bunch of time zones like ``Java Time'' that are no longer in use,
>at least according to usno1989.  I think those zones date back to colonial
>times.  Also, usno1989's info for the ex-Soviet Union is woefully out of date
>due to the March 1991 time zone reforms in the (then-) SU.  E.g. I think
>Uelen is now +1200 (+1300 summer), not +1300 (+1400 summer).

As Paul knows, since he and I have corresponded about it, my list is
constructed from all the abbreviations I have seen used in electronic
mail headers or described in some official list, however old it may be.


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