"32 time zones"

Paul Eggert eggert at twinsun.com
Wed Jun 9 18:28:20 UTC 1993

   Date: Wed, 09 Jun 93 10:49:28 +0300
   From: Amos Shapir <amos at CS.HUJI.AC.IL>

   In the Rand-McNally atlas there are a few other Pacific islands with 40
   mins offsets, all of which appear as full or half-hour zones in the file;
   it also lists Nepal at GMT+5:40 and Liberia as -0:44 (yes, forty four) --
   makes sense since Monrovia is at exactly 11 degrees west, but probably
   outdated too.

Liberia switched from that oddball timezone in the mid-1970s, on its fearless
octogenarian leader's birthday, if I recall correctly.

I believe Rand-McNally typically gets its data from the US Naval Observatory:
Goode's, their school atlas, even credits the USNO in small print just below
its time zone map.  But they aren't always that good about keeping up-to-date,
or even telling you when the time zone data was prepared.  So it's probably
better to ignore Rand-McNally and use the USNO list directly.

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