Can honoring of daylight savings time be d

Bradley White bww+ at
Thu Dec 8 15:59:09 UTC 1994

Doug Gwyn <gwyn at> writes:
>                              UNIX "system time" is *unaffected* by Daylight
> Saving Time; it always counts clock ticks since a fixed epoch, which
> progresses unformly regardless of legislative actions.  The mapping to/from
> human-being time is performed by library functions that can be instructed
> as to the exact rules to be applied

Do you believe this concept should be extended to leap seconds?

The `ado' time package proves such an extension is feasible.  (The only
slight problem I've seen in practice is with programs that assume every
minute has 60 seconds.)

However, POSIX seems to legislate the possibility away, and the NTP
implementors seem to favour a complex system that jumps the clock.


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