Does anyone have the source for this function?

Aaron Akman aaron at
Tue Mar 22 14:56:30 UTC 1994

Does anyone have a UNIX function for converting a time from timezoneX
to timezoneY?  I know how to write this by mucking with char** environ
and by calling tzset(), but I'm interested in a more elegant solution
(perhaps using fields in the tm structure).

	convert(timezoneX, timezoneY, inputTime, outputTime)

The char** environ solution seems to me to be inelegant because

	1) I have to reread a file whenever I call tzset() (I think),

	2) while I'm doing the conversion the call to tzset() has a
           global effect on my process.  If I'm interrupted by a
           signal handler that displays the time it will be in a
           foreign timezone.

aaron at

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