Confirmation of data for Estonia

Peter Ilieve peter at
Sat Oct 15 15:29:14 UTC 1994

I apologise in advance to whoever produced the data for Estonia in the 93e
data as they may have known it was authoritative, but there is no source

A relative in Tallinn confirms the accuracy of the data for 1989 onwards
and gives the legal authority for it, a regulation of the Government of
Estonia, No. 111 of 1989.

It is interesting to me that changing their timezone arrangements was
one of the first things they did in the process of getting out from
under 50 years of Soviet occupation.

My source doesn't know if any changes will be made in 1996 and beyond to
track the change in EU dates specified in the European 7th directive.
Even though the dates are currently the same the Estonians change an hour
before the EU, at midnight GMT.

		Peter Ilieve		peter at

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