New Daylight Savings dates for South Australia

John Warburton jwarb at
Fri Oct 7 00:34:40 UTC 1994

	I belive that the timezone files are being centrally managed by you.

	You will be interested to know that the new Daylight Savings dates for
	South Australia (zone Australia/Adelaide*) was gazetted in the
	Government Hansard on Sep 26 1994.
		start: Sunday 30 October
		end: Sunday 26 March
	i.e. start on last Sunday in October and end in last sunday in March.

	(*) Just a note of concern. Vendor distributed timezone file that I
	have seen (SunOS, UnixWare) describe timezones by Australian state eg
	Australia/South, Australias/Tasmania etc, rather than this new method
	of naming zones by the capital city. I'm just wondering where it came
	from & is it really correct, as timezone affect the whole stae and not
	just the capital city.

	John (who fears daylight savings each year...)
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