OpenVMS to support tz

Guy Harris guy at
Sat Aug 5 21:04:24 UTC 1995

> In <news:3vipkg$u9n at>, Ken Cowan of Digital Equipment
> Corporation <cowan at> writes ``The DEC C library
> interface to timezones should be available in the first field test of
> OpenVMS V7.0''.  DEC will supply zic, and users should be able to use
> the latest master tz tables, or tweak their own.

Maybe they'll be able to beat Microsoft into supporting not only their
current POSIX-influenced scheme, but the Olson scheme as well, on
Microsoft's Win32-based OSes (Win32's "native" internal time formats
are UTC rather than local time, although they may have to run the
machine's clock in local time, at least if the machine is an
IBM-compatible PC, in case somebody later boots DOS on it).

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